Zürn Harvesting

Agritechnica impressions 2015

Agritechnica Silver Medal

Zürn PremiumFlow headers represent the highest level of innovation and performance worldwide.

This was confirmed again by the independent Innovations Commission of Agritechnica, the world's biggest agricultural fair. They awarded Zürn for its advanced technology again a silver medal.

Innovative Zürn i-Flow header awarded

Zürn i-Flow is a newly developed intelligent cutting platform generation to improve performance of large combines. For the first time all rotating drives are electrified, flexible in speed and torque and communicate with each other. Field trials confirm that harvesting performance, ease of use and durability rise significantly.

Perfectly matched transport solutions

The product range of Zürn contains a complete family of header transporters for the new John Deere 600X cutting platforms. For the development of specific supports, interfaces and homologation test of the new header transporters Zürn partnered exclusively with John Deere.

The header transporter type SWW X6 has been specifically designed for the transport of 600X cutting platforms with large cutting widths. The all-wheel-steering keeps the transporter safe in alignment with the towing vehicle even on narrow roads and around tight corners.

Prior to the series production the new header transporters had to demonstrate their practicality in detailed simulations and pass the toughest load tests in the field. In conjunction with the specific header supports you will receive a transport system specially tailored to 600X cutting platforms. Only with Zürn header transporters you can be confidant that no damage will occur to the cutting platform during transport.