Zürn Harvesting

PREMIUM FLOW | The High-performance Belt Header

Maximum Capacity in all Crops and Conditions

As modern combines have enormous capacities, it’s a special challenge to ensure a consistent crop flow to utilize these capacities to full potential.

This is what you get from the PREMIUM FLOW header with active crop feed from the cutter bar to the intake auger – a technology that leads to a significant boost in your productivity. With the PREMIUM FLOW header, you can take your combine to the limit of its performance.

More performance

The perfect feeding by the header is the basis for high performance. Due to the active transport the grain is always optimally supplied to the threshing unit, even under changing conditions along the cutting width. The table is simultaneously long (long distance from knife to auger) for standing, long crop but also short by the active feeding of low and down crop on the conveyor belts.

A combine‘s performance begins at the header

Farmers have been operating ZÜRN PREMIUM FLOW headers for more than 15 years. Using them in the most diverse farming operations and many regions of the world, they have always given positive feedback. The qualities appreciated most about the PREMIUM FLOW header are a significantly increased combine performance, high reliability, low maintenance and quick changeovers to different crops.

What you want from a high-performance header:

Maximum outputs and flexible use in all crops
Perfect feeding - even in difficult conditions. Improved intake of lodged grain, rapeseed, peas, and grasses
Active crop feed from the cutter bar to the intake auger for maximising machine capacity.
Extremely consistent crop feed to the threshing system, reduced load peaks and less wear on the drives
Easy and fast conversion from rapeseed to cereals and vice versa
Great operator comfort during long working days – no table adjustment in varying conditions
Maximum productivity from high outputs per day and harvest campaign
Reliable performance, minimal daily servicing