Zürn Harvesting

A Combine’s Performance Begins at the Header

The high-performance belt header

A perfect crop flow on the header is fundamental for high throughputs. The active crop flow on the PREMIUM FLOW is the formula for achieving an optimum feed to the threshing system at all times.

PREMIUM FLOW delivers the optimum at all times

Harvest windows get shorter, and changeovers from one crop to another become more frequent as new varieties move in. This is the scenario in which PREMIUM FLOW delivers optimum results – in any crop and without time-consuming table conversion.

The active crop flow on the long table requires less reel use and ensures the auger collects cut
material only, thereby minimising losses.

PREMIUM FLOW is the ideal header for cutting laid crops. Also, its belts feed short material effectively from the cutter bar to the auger. At the same time, the generous 100 cm distance from the cutter bar to the auger ensures long material is fed ears first for effective threshing.

High-performance belt conveyor headers


The new PREMIUM FLOW 700PF series high-performance belt headers take the superior header technology with active crop feeding to a new level. The PREMIUM FLOW impresses by virtue of even more performance, even less maintenance and even higher reliability.

The PREMIUM FLOW belt headers are available for John Deere, New Holland and and Case IH combine harvesters.

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