Zürn Harvesting

top agrar system comparison:

"With or without Flow?"

"What are the advantages of the PremiumFlow technology with active transport compared to a standard cutting unit?" This question is answered in a large combine harvester system comparison in the January edition by the journal top agrar.

"Performance starts with the header." Special focus was therefore the comparison of the Zürn PremiumFlow belt conveyor header with the John Deere standard header: "Here the PremiumFlow
has clear advantages. The supply of material is a pleasure to work with, much more relaxing. Even in dense rapeseed/canola stalks there was no need to help out with the reel. The threshing unit is noticeably more evenly fed, the feeder house is distinctly less strained."

Regarding the power demand of the PremiumFlow header the top agrar editorial team was surprised: "The header with belts required no more driving power than the normal header. In addition, the more uniform crop flow generates substantially lower torque spikes in the drive train."

During fiel trials the maintenance of the PremiumFlow only made little effort: Wenig Aufwand hatten die Tester mit der Wartung des PremiumFlow: "The seal between the belts is worthy of its name. Apart from a little dust, we did not have to clean anything from under the service guards for an entire season."

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