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PROFI CUT | Whole Crop Header for Forage Harvesters

The biomass direct cut header for top performances

Harvesting whole crops directly avoids losses and reduces harvest chain costs. Higher yields and more diverse crop rotations have changed the requirements for biomass harvest technology. We have responded by developing a completely new generation of PROFI CUT headers. Offering a working width of up to seven meters, these brand-new headers are designed to deliver top results.

These developments factor in customer ideas and wishes, offering maximum versatility that allows you to harvest a wide range of different crops reliably.

Working at widths of 5.3m and 7.0m, PROFI CUT sets new benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

Made for the most powerful forage harvesters

The powerful PROFI CUT direct cut header is the perfect solution for harvesting wholecrop silage with the most powerful forage harvesters. The new generation of PROFI CUT 530 and PROFI CUT 700 direct cut headers is available for the self propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) of John Deere, Claas Fendt and New Holland.

What you want from a direct cut header

Harvesting biomass directly and saving the extra pass, cost-saving logistics and minimum crop contamination.
Excellent cut, minimum mass and shatter losses; cutting close to the ground toharvest laid crop without loss.
High acreages from a large working width and efficient use on high-end forage harvesters.
Optimum crop flow through the header for massive throughputs and versatile use in short and high-yielding crops.
Consistent crop feed to the pre-compres-sion rollers for high-quality chops and minimal overlengths.
High productivity from versatile use in diverse crops and reliable cuts in Szarvasi grass, triticale, vetch rye, cup plant and sorghum.