Zürn Harvesting

Analysis Technology for Plot Combines

Zürn plot combines can be equipped individually with comprehensive measuring and weighing technology, to give valuable and immediately available data next to harvesting the plot.


The new weighing system control ZÜRN WieSEL provides a compact user terminal and modular function expansion:

  • Weighing system for analysis of the plot yield
  • Moisture measurement
  • NIRS system (near infrared reflection spectroscopy) to analyse value-determining ingredients of the crop (moisture, protein, starch, oil content etc.)
  • Plot-management system for data processing

Your Zürn benefits at a glance

All key system functions and status displays at a glance: Simple and safe handling in a single operator terminal.
Intuitive control of the conveyor and weighing system with a graphic interface on the large 7” touchscreen.
Highest performance for your job: Different harvesting modes allow a high process speed.
Event-controlled system: Shortest possible cycle time with a mix-free process.
Errors excluded: The flaps open or close only after the release signal from the respective sensors.
Innovative and precise dry matter analysis: Compact-photometer on LED basis with integrated referencing and data evaluation. Specific weight not relevant!
Content analysis with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS): Integrated interface to control a spectrometer via related computer.