Zürn Harvesting

Our History ...


Johann Zürn senior opens a blacksmith shop in Westernhausen and earnes the livelihood for his familiy by shoeing of horses.


Johann Zürn produces farm trailers, harrows and other agricultural equipment.


Start of agricultural machinery dealership: Contract with the German tractor manufacturer Eicher.


Karl Zürn becomes authorized dealer of John Deere-Lanz AG, Mannheim.


Zürn moves to the current headquarter in Westernhausen.


Start of the production of rape seed harvesting equipment. Zürn develops into a harvesting specialist and makes combines even more efficient.


Karl Zürn Karl Zürn passes away in the age of 52. A turning point that was overcome only by a high degree of personal responsibility of the employees and the tireless efforts of Herta Zürn.


Rolf Zürn becomes Managing Director of Zürn GmbH & Co. KG


A new production facility for rape seed harvesting equipment was opened at the headquarter of the company in Westernhausen.


Start of development and production of the plot combine Zürn 150 with a team of former Hege employees. In 2005 the first prototype goes into the field at Saatzucht Breun in Herzogenaurach.


The convincing concept of the new developped Zürn PremiumFlow belt conveyor header was awarded with a DLG silver medal at Agritechnica in Hanover.


Acquisition of a new production hall for cutting platforms at Ravenstein-Merchingen.


To increase manufacturing capacities the production of plot combines moves to Hohebuch into the former Hege factory.


The company Zürn celebrates its 125th anniversary.


Zürn introduces the ProfiCut direct cut header, a universal header for harvesting of whole crops with powerful forage harvesters.


The Zürn 170 extends the product range of field research technology by a powerful and bigger plot combine.


Rebranding of the production of cutting platforms and plot combines to Zürn Harvesting GmbH & Co. KG


The domain of Hohebuch now has been a reliable partner for field research technicians for more than 50 years.


Expansion of the product range on plot seeders (belt cone seeders, single-row seeders, triple-plot seeders) by the aquisition of of the division plot technology of AgrarMarkt Deppe. Since 2006 a close partnership had existed between the two companies.


The independent DLG Innovations Commission of Agritechnica awarded a silver medal for the innovative fully electrified cutting platform i-Flow - developped by Zürn and its partners.


Zürn Harvesting has acquired a majority stake in the English hoeing technology manufacturer Garford Farm Machinery Ltd. The company is thus expanding its product range to include the growth market of mechanical weed control and future-oriented camera-assisted machine guidance with individual plant recognition.


Zürn offers the Australian Seed Terminator in Europe. A simple attachment to the combine:  Two multi-stage hammer mills kill weed seeds before they become weeds.


Never before we had this many new products to be presented at Agritechnica: By launching the TOP CUT collect, Zürn Harvesting is introducing completely new technologies for mechanical weed control.


With the new surface treatment centre, Zürn Harvesting is expanding its production capacity in Merchingen.The modern powder-coating facility is one of the largest in the region.