Zürn Harvesting

Our Plot Fertiliser Spreaders & Implements


The single-plot fertiliser spreader

The box-type fertiliser spreader is designed for for the aplication of uniform fertiliser quantities in smaller field trials.

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Single-plot spreader for fertilisation trials

The new fertilizer spreader is just perfect for an accurate application in single plot trials. The exact fertilizer dosage is achieved by a belt cone with manual slope compensation and a manual gearbox with 120 steps.

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Pneumatic plot fertilizer spreader

The pneumatic plot fertilizer spreader ZÜRN D55 was designed for precise application of fertilizers in field trial.The folding boom linkage and the pneumatic distribution system ensure the sharp-edged treatment of adjacent plots.

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ZÜRN 610

Plot divider

The ZÜRN 610 plot divider makes the ZÜRN 550 or ZÜRN 540 high-clearance tool carrier a powerful machine for dividing your plots. With a built-in horizontal knife, the plot divider on the multifunctional tool carrier ZÜRN 550 or ZÜRN 540 becomes a powerful plot swather.

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Transport trailer for plot technology

The ZÜRN T35 is the perfect transport solution for the lightweight plot combine harvester ZÜRN 130-SE. The specially designed car trailer is perfect for easy and fast transportation of the plot combine harvester ZÜRN 130 between different trial sites.

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