Zürn Harvesting

Analysis Technology for Plot Combines

Zürn plot combines can be equipped individually with comprehensive measuring and weighing technology, to give valuable and immediately available data next to harvesting the plot.

You can choose from a variety of partner systems for harvest data analysis. This allows us to customise your ZÜRN plot combine harvester to your specific needs.

Harvest Master

H2 GrainGage & Mirus software

HarvestMaster weighing systems are suitable for all ZÜRN plot combine harvesters.

With Mirus, the harvesting software from HarvestMaster, you can operate your weighing system, create field plans, prepare moisture curves, and much more.


Harvest System

The Schlingmann harvest system is universal for use with all ZÜRN plot combines.

The harvesting programme controls the weighing system and integrates moisture sensors, NIRS and other devices. The analysis data is output in a field plan. Additional devices such as label and log printers complete the system.