Zürn Harvesting

ZÜRN D96 | Transverse plot seeder for cross sowing

The transverse plot seeder for plant breeding: cross seeding means that the same growing conditions apply to the plants in all rows. Planting with the transverse seed drill is based on the stop-and-go method crosswise to the direction of travel. In this way, the trial results are not influenced by boundary effects of the tramlines.

The tractor-trailed seeder has a sliding frame to mount the hydraulically liftable coulter system. Each row is fed indivudually with seeds by the magazine table system. The transverse seeder is equipped with an automatic control system that is coupled to the tractor.

All Zürn plot seeders are of a modular design. The coulter system and other technical equipment are customised to fit perfectly to your specific needs.

Your Zürn benefits at a glance

Uniform growing conditions in all rows due to cross seeding
Trial results are independent of boundary effects of the tramlines
Magazine system for single row seeding and automatic feeding via magazine table
Belt cone unit with separate small belt cones for each individual row - for a precise and grain-clean separated longitudinal seed distribution
Easy operation and quick adjustment of the sowing parameters by fully electric drive and control unit