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Katja's Harvest Tour | USA 2017

In the upcoming months, we will be accompanying a German young talent as she embarks across the US for her harvest tour.

Before the great adventure, Katja explained, “I am from the beautiful Schrozberg in the south of Germany where my parents run a custom harvesting business.” The 20-year-old completed her apprenticeship at custom harvester Landtechnisches Lohnunternehmen Frank Scholz.

After her graduation last summer, Katja moved to the US and admits: “Now I have fulfilled my dream of being in the land of unlimited possibilities.”

9 - Kingman

Katja’s harvest is already at an advanced stage: “In Kingman, we have already finished combining and there is only little grain left at our current station in Smith Center. So we will close the harvest in Kansas soon and move further north.”

8 - Green Acres Enterprices

Green Acres Enterprises, Inc. is a progressive, young family business harvesting wheat, durum, barley, canola, flax, milo, sesame, soybeans and corn across the US from Oklahoma to the Border in North Dakota. The family is supported every year by young people from abroad. This year Katja and Klare, a young woman from Australia, are doing an internship.

7 - Western Equipment

Before the harvest crew will move to Kansas, Katja, Klare and David were invited for breakfast at Western Equipment in Clinton, the local John Deere dealer.

6 - Elk City

“Hanging around on the cab cause that's just what you do when you finished a job.” The last five days Katja and Klare have threshed in Elk City. “David has already started with the other combine in Kansas. Now we'll get ready and move to Kansas soon.”

5 - Elk City

Harvest Update from Katja: “We are back at Elk City for threshing about 1.200 ac before moving to Kansas. David will bring some equipment towards Kansas tomorrow. Klare and I will do a little work with the @JohnDeere T-Series combine and the PremiumFlow header before we follow him.”

4 - Burn's Flat

Some rain stopped Katja‘s harvest crew during the last days. As the harvest crew always has their mobile home with them, the bad weather could not affect the good mood.

3 - Gotebo

The harvest has started! Katja’s first stop is in Gotibo: „Here we are working with another harvesting crew and we are threshing with a total of six @John Deere combines. I’ll take a few more pictures if I find time.”

2 - Elk City

“At this point, we are just starting,” says Katja, who doesn’t have much time for words now because the harvesting season is upon her! The machines are ready to take up the challenge. Katja begins a great adventure as the longest harvest of her young life starts.

1 - Oklahoma

Today, Katja is telling us what to expect in the upcoming months: „ The custom harvester Green Acres Enterprises has its home base at Elk City, OK. Every year they start with the wheat harvest here in Oklahoma, in the south of the country. Then they follow the harvest northwards to the Canadian border in North Dakota. Because of this we will be traveling a lot in the upcoming months. At the moment we do all necessary maintenance to the combines and cutting platforms so we are ready to go for the harvest.