ZÜRN 540

Geräteträger für leichte Pflegearbeiten

Der Hochrad-Geräteträger ZÜRN 540 punktet mit einfacher Ausstattung bei allen leichten Pflegearbeiten im Bestand. Der multi-funktionale Geräteträger eignet sich ideal für leichte Anbauten wie Scheitelgeräte, Schwadleger, Spritzgeräte und Düngerstreuer.

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ZÜRN 550

High-clearance Multifunctional-carrier vehicle

Thanks to its flexible mounting options, the ZÜRN 550 high-clearance tool carrier is a genuine  all-rounder in all cultivation tasks. But the ZÜRN 550 is more than just a high-performance plot divider. The tool carrier also reveals its strengths when spraying crop protection products and spreading fertilizers or as a mounting platform for sensor systems.

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ZÜRN 570

Tool Carrier

The flexible carrier vehicle is particularly suitable for use in double plots - for all the crop treatment work of sowing, spraying and fertilizing.

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John Deere 3036E

Plot Tractor

Specially equipped John Deere compact tractor to meet the requirements of field research and for use in trial plots.

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