ProfiCut Direct Cut Header for Forage Harvesters

The high Capacity Direct Cut Header
for John Deere series 8000

The powerful ProfiCut direct cut header is the perfect solution for harvesting wholecrop silage with your John Deere self propelled forage harvester (SPFH). The robust construction of the ProfiCut ensures the direct harvest of biomass in all conditions.

Best Performance in Whole Crop Harvest

With the integrated disc cutter bar the header is designed to achieve high working rates of up to 6 ha/h. With a working width of 6.20 m the ProfiCut direct cut header is well equipped for an
effective harvest with the most powerful forage harvesters. With the Zürn header transporter
you can transport the header up to 40 km/h safely on the road.

Your requirements for a high-performance all crop direct cutting header

Harvest of biomass with a minimum of soil contamination for premium silage quality
Precise cutting quality without leaf/ear losses - also in tough conditions and laid crops
Universal use in different crops: cereals, grass, clover, lucerne/alfalfa, sunfl owers, milo/sorghum
Robust construction for operation with the most powerful forage harvesters

Superior Technology for John Deere Forage Harvesters

John Deere recommended solution for the direct harvesting of biomass

The ProfiCut direct cutting header was specially designed for the John Deere 8000 Series self propelled forage harvesters. Its design ensures the driver excellent visibility to the front. The robust header adapts perfectly to the ground contours and allows a first class cutting quality.

Precise Cutting and Chopping in one Operation

Four wide skid plates provide clean forage even with low stubble and high operating speeds up to 15 km/h. Due to direct drive the ProfiCut also impresses with its low power consumption therefore low fuel consumption.

Your Zürn benefits at a glance

Kuhn disc mower bar for best cutting quality and high working speed up to 15 kph.
Best synchronisation of mower bars due to central drive and very robust drive lines with premium components.
Best crop flow in high yields with robust floating auger and adjustable feeding paddles.
Four adjustable, wide skid plates for precise cutting quality without losses - even in tough conditions and laid crops
Drive power required: PC460: 55 kW (75 HP), PC620: 74 kW (100 HP)
John Deere recommended solution for the direct harvesting of biomass.