Header Trailer with 2-Axle-Steering

The 2-axle-steered SWW X2 is the universal header transporter for transport of cutting platforms with wide working widths. The 2-axle turntable steering keeps the transporter safe in alignment with the towing vehicle even on narrow roads and allows driving around tight corners.

The universal header transporter for large cutting platforms

The 2-axle-steered header transporter type X3 now allows you to transport your wide cutting platforms up to 41 ft working width directly behind the combine. The all-wheel-steered transporter satisfies with the high load capacity (8 t max. permissible weight) and the large ground clearance under the frame. The low loading height facilitates the placement of the cutting unit.

Your benefits at a glance

Transport of cutting platforms up to 12.5 m working width directly behind the combine
All-wheel-steered header transporter follows the towing vehicle in consistent alignment
Reliable mechanical 2-axle turntable steering can be easily adjusted if needed
High load capacity and ideal weight distribution due to central loading
Low loading height facilitates the loading of the cutting platform, nevertheless high ground clearance