Profi Cut Direct Header - maximum impact for direct harvesting of whole crop silage


The Profi-Cut direct header in conjunction with a forage harvester is a combination with numerous advantages for the effective acquisition of feeds and for harvesting renewable resources.
The harvesting of plants is carried out in the "direct principle": Mowing the crop, windrowing and chaff cutting are carried out in one operation. This saves several sweeps, decreases the weather risk and the feed picks up less dirt. You produce high quality silage.

  • High working speed of up to 15 km/h through Kuhn disc cutterbar - clean cut and short stubble length - even with flattened crops
  • The harvest is fed to the largely dimensioned and highly stable intake auger (ø 600 mm), which ensures a continuous supply to the feed rollers and to the chaff cutting drum
  • The auger has "floating" bearings for optimum flow of produce and can move upwards with high yields - the drive train is treated with care 
  • The chaff cutter is driven directly via a universal drive shaft from the cutting length gearbox
  • A pendular frame in combination with four wide runners ensures that the cutting header follows the contours of the ground closely
  • The Profi Cut direct header is the solution recommended by John Deere for directly harvesting of whole grop silage for feeding or
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